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Most of us wouldn’t think of buying a new car without a “test drive.” It’s a serious investment, so you want to make sure you’re comfortable with your new ride.

Like an auto purchase, the plan you and your dentist agree on to cosmetically enhance your teeth and gums — a “smile makeover” — is a significant investment. Wouldn’t it be nice to “test drive” your future smile before you undergo any procedures?

Actually, you can — two ways, in fact. For one, your dentist could use computer imaging software that alters a photo of your face to show how your smile will appear after dental work. These computer enhancements are a great planning tool for making decisions on the look you want to achieve.

But even the best computer images only provide a static, two-dimensional representation of your new smile. It can’t capture all the angles and movement dynamics of any proposed changes. That’s where the other way, a trial smile, is a true test drive — you can see your future smile in action.

Creating a trial smile is an added expense.

A trial smile allows you though to know beforehand what your dental work investment will provide you, and even fine-tune your makeover plan before work begins. With this particular kind of “test drive” you’ll have greater assurance that you’ll be happy and satisfied with the end results.

Smile Design Melbourne | Trial Smile Makeover Design

All the things you need to know about TEST DRIVE YOUR FUTURE LOOK WITH TRIAL SMILES

What Exactly Is a Trial Smile?

What Exactly Is a Trial Smile?

Trial Smile is an opportunity to try on your new smile before buying it. In a typical scenario, patients do not see the results of a dental treatment until after completion. With this new smile preview, however, patients will be able to see the results of their smile makeover beforehand. Patients who are willing to spend time and invest money into Trial Smile are the most likely to achieve their aesthetic goals and can truly benefit from our cosmetic dental procedures.

How Does It Work?

Dental patients who are interested in porcelain veneers as a way to bring about a change to their smile will first need to visit their dentist for a cosmetic consultation. During their visit, the dentist will take pictures and impressions of your teeth.

You can return after 10 days to try on a mock smile, designed from your descriptions of the perfect smile. For a preview, the Trial Smile will be layered on your teeth. The dentist will take some pictures that you can keep and show to your friends and family for their opinion on the matter. Discuss the surgery thoroughly with your dentist and your loved ones before making a decision.

The most obvious benefit of a trial smile is that the patient will be able to make appropriate changes to the smile as they deem necessary. They can change the color of their teeth, the type of veneers used, the size of veneers, and the shape of veneers, as these factors are not yet permanent. The patient will have an opportunity to perfect their smile in accordance with their viewpoints.

Why Should Someone Choose a Trial Smile?

A Trial Smile is a wise option when it comes to dental cosmetic surgery. There has never been a technological invention that allowed the patient to see the outcome of a dental surgery before the actual procedure. With the Trial Smile, you can get a clearer idea about how your smile will look in the end and can make changes if you want to. The procedure is minimally invasive, and since some of your teeth enamel has to be removed to fit the placement, the procedure is irreversible.

A Trial Smile can come in handy if you feel self-conscious because of any of these reasons:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Spaced teeth

The best reason to get a trial smile is perhaps reassurance. Patients are usually finicky when it comes to surgical procedures that they’re unaccustomed to. With the trial smile, the patient has an incredibly clear idea of the final results before the actual procedure.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trial Smiles or Smile Design call VOGUE SMILES MELBOURNE to book for your FREE mini cosmetic consult.

Benefits of Trial Smile

Benefits of Trial Smile

People who are unhappy with their smile – there is also an associated anxiety that any changes to their smile may not be what they want either. You may have a perfectly understandable concern that new teeth or changes to your teeth may look false or even ‘horsey’ – which nobody wants! This is the benefit of a trial smile. At our we can design your new smile with your input, before any commitment is made or any dentistry is carried out.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trial Smiles or Smile Design call VOGUE SMILES MELBOURNE to book for your FREE mini cosmetic consult.

What is Digital Smile Design? Why would we want to test-drive our new smile?

What is Digital Smile Design? Why would we want to test-drive our new smile?

Digital Smile design is a methodology or concept that utilises the tools of digital photography and dynamic video along with computer analysis to achieve the visualisation and understanding of the aesthetic issues and problems that patients present with and results in improved analysis and superior cosmetic dental treatment outcomes for patients. It enables the patient to visualise and actually see, with a mockup, what the final Cosmetic Dental outcome will be, prior to it being completed.

The principle of Smile Design is based on ensuring that the teeth and the smile are in harmony with the rest of the face. It is non-invasive and reduces the amount of unnecessary filing, drilling and other, to achieve the outcome.

If I were changing my smile I would want to test drive it….it is great to test drive your car before buying it. Many people when they test drive a car, they decide they don’t want to buy the car. Now if you only test drive your smile after everything is done you may be in trouble….most of the procedures are irreversible…you can grind down teeth unnecessarily, you can move teeth with orthodontics to the wrong position, you may have to redo procedures delaying the treatment, losing time and money or you can lose soft tissue / gum – you can create gum defects that will never come back.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trial Smiles or Smile Design call VOGUE SMILES MELBOURNE to book for your FREE mini cosmetic consult.

Smile Design Process

Smile Design Process

Smile Design is non-invasive and involves no treatment other than a simple impression and consists of just two appointments. It is created by taking impressions of your teeth along with photographs of how your smile currently look. This is carried out at the first appointment.

Prior to your second appointment, a solid cast is made up of your teeth using the impressions that were originally taken. That cast is then used to create a 3D wax model of what your teeth could potentially look like. This ‘mockup’ is then used to create a good quality set of composite, temporary veneers or crowns in the shape of your ‘new smile’, looking completely natural.

At your second appointment, the temporary veneers or crowns will be fitted in order for you to see and feel the difference.  The temporary ‘new smile’ can be worn for a week or so if needed in order to show family and friends as a second opinion and essentially allowing you to ‘test-drive’ your new smile. New photographs will then be taken to give you an easy comparison of a before and after.

You are now in a great position to be able to decide whether you want to go ahead with the treatment to make your new smile permanent! This is an accurate, predictable and completely reversible way of designing a new shape , form and shade for your new set of teeth.

These temporaries allow you to “test drive” the smile design for a period of time. The “trial smile” is actually the prototype for the final shape and is created based on her vision of the type of smile that will make you look your very best, and it’s made following the wishes and concerns expressed by you.

A very important concept is that by wearing the “trial smile” first, you are given ample opportunity to accept or change key components in the design of the smile, especially the colour, shape of the individual teeth, length of the teeth, etc.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trial Smiles or Smile Design call VOGUE SMILES MELBOURNE to book for your FREE mini cosmetic consult.

The Perfect Smile

The Perfect Smile

No two faces are alike. Every visage is different. Digital Smile Design is a completely personalized experience for each patient.  Facial features will help us understand the symmetry of the face and the harmony of each smile. We can design a smile frame that will provide guidance to tooth position, shape, and colour. The patient’s facial features drive the digital models and simulation.

The smile design is focused on bringing symmetry and beauty to the smile by guiding tooth position and adjusting tooth shape and colour to fit the facial features.

Most of our documentation is performed through videos, which allow us to see the smile in movement and understand the changes that will be required to achieve the maximum harmony and aesthetic potential.  The final Digital Smile Design can be converted into a mock-up that will allow the patient to visualize the final outcome. This design, once approved by the patient, will guide the rest of the treatment.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trial Smiles or Smile Design call VOGUE SMILES MELBOURNE to book for your FREE mini cosmetic consult.

Temporary trial veneers

Temporary trial veneers

We provide a trial smile for all our multiple veneer treatments including Lumineers, Emax Porcelain Veneers and composite veneers treatments.

In the past, patients who wanted to have dental veneers were not aware of their smile design until the veneers were cemented permanently onto their teeth. At this point, only limited changes could be made to the veneers.

Thanks to the latest innovations, we can now provide a Trial Smile for patients. This allows the patient to see their smile design on stone models before the cosmetic dentistry treatment begins.

Furthermore, temporary trial veneers can also be made based on the trial smile design. With these, patients can see their final veneer design in their own mouth. This is much more realistic than seeing lifeless computer designs on a monitor. After seeing the trial smile, the patient can then change the design of the final veneers, such as the height, the shape or the shade.

Once the patient is satisfied with the design, we then let the lab know of the patients decision. The veneers will then be custom made to fit each individual patient to an exact specification.

When the veneers arrive from the lab, we will try out the latest shades of trial cement. Changing the shade of the cement affects the final shade of the veneers. Patients have the option to change the cement shade before the veneers are attached.

Overall the Trial Smile really gives patients great control over the smile design of their veneers and composite bonding.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trial Smiles or Smile Design call VOGUE SMILES MELBOURNE to book for your FREE mini cosmetic consult.

Factors that are considered in Designing your New Smile?

Factors that are considered in Designing your New Smile?

The most visible teeth when one smiles are the 8 top teeth in vast majority of the population. In particular the top 6 teeth play an important role in what is seen and noted when one smiles, otherwise know as canine to canine teeth.

When a smile is designed, depending on the clinical dictation of the way teeth work together, their position and characteristics, patient can choose what shape teeth to have. Bellow is a list of some of the possible teeth designs and shapes that one can be consider.

General Dentist Melbourne CBD, Top leading Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne CBD

In all these designs the main Golden Proportions principles are followed which in short follows the guide lines for best smile design in relation to the;

  • Relative size of the teeth to compare with each other for the best width to length ratios.
  • Symmetry of the teeth on the left and right side relative to middle line
  • Horizontal alignment to ensure the edge of the teeth are aligned with eye line
  • Having similar width of canine to canine as the space between the eye corners on nasal bridge.
  • The width proportion of the top 6 teeth visible relative to each other when one smiles.

Achieving these guidelines clinically is very much affected to position of the teeth in the mouth, bite of a patient, health of the teeth and the gum, the presence of gaps which can be symmetrical or asymmetrical from the middle line of the teeth, possible crowding of the teeth and some other factors.


Other important factors need to be considered in a smile design is the shape of the teeth and in particular the embrasures which is the shape of the corners of the front teeth which can be either more of a square shape or a rounder shape. Generally speaking the more square the embrasures, the more masculine the teeth shape and the more the rounded corner the more feminine the design of the teeth.

In addition the length of the teeth tips relative to each other (the horizontal line as some people prefer to) have the tips of the teeth at the same level or alternatively to follow the natural design which means the tip of the teeth have slightly different length. These are the two main differences between the smile designs pictures shown above.

In addition the length of the teeth tips relative to each other (the horizontal line as some people prefer to) have the tips of the teeth at the same level or alternatively to follow the natural design which means the tip of the teeth have slightly different length. These are the two main differences between the smile designs pictures shown above.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trial Smiles or Smile Design call VOGUE SMILES MELBOURNE to book for your FREE mini cosmetic consult.

The Process of how Trial Smile works

The Process of how Trial Smile works

The Failsafe Way Of Ensuring You Get The Smile You Want

Do you worry about getting your smile done because you worry that you may get a result that looks unnatural, fake or doesn’t suit your face? Do you fear that you may hate the result, and that is why you haven’t done it?

Well, we have got great news for you. None ( yes none) of our thousands of clients have ever ended with a smile they regretted doing or were unhappy with, all (yes, all) were thrilled with their results and wish they had done it sooner.

Though every person is different and has different goals and desires, how do we manage to please every one 100% of the time? The answer is simple, it is all in the design and planning of each and every case.  We have used a proven system in our smile design that takes many factors all in to consideration and it is an entire system of how we operate that ensures a smooth transition from the old smile to the new smile.

Below is the system and procedures we follow on each case to ensure we deliver the best result for each patient, every single time. There is no guess work or luck involved, just set systems, proven, trialled and tested, that ensure the ideal result for each client.

It seems like a complex number or steps, and it really is, but for client we do all the hard yards, planning and careful artistry, out of the clinic, so that chair time and treatment time is minimal for the client, often only in 2 visits! Some distinguishing features that we at Smile Design Studio do that other general dentists may not do  to ensure a perfect final result is :

 1. Discover your aspirations and goals

Many of our clients have dreamed about having a new smile for a long time and know what they aspire their look or image to be, some have dreamed of it for a lifetime. So when they come to us they know what they want to achieve. For example one client might come in and say, “I want Johnny Depp’s smile,” or bring some pictures in of what smile they want to achieve. Others have no idea what can be done and that’s good too, as we sit down and discuss all your options with you, and show you possibilities.

2. Smile design

We go through a process of designing the perfect smile for your mouth, lips, and face. Not every one suits the teeth or smile that may sit in Angelina Jolie’s mouth, or Miranda Kerr’s or Brad Pitt.  The last thing we want to do is give our clients a smile that looks wrong in their face, and we know “those” that have had their teeth done, because they look too big, too wide, too white, too long, too unnatural to be theirs, or too perfect to be natural.

So how do we get it perfect for each person every single time?

The GOLDEN SHIMBASHI is a law in nature that all living things grow in proportion, the same magic ratio you can find in leaves, shell spirals, facial proportions, and even teeth proportions. By taking certain measurements of the face and teeth, we can calculate what size and length precisely that that individuals teeth need to be to look natural and right for them.  Dentists who understand the principles of the this law will never deliver a smile that is too wide or long or teeth that are too skinny or short or wide. We use this maths to calculate exactly what is right for each patient every single time.

We then design exactly what the client wants individually as well eg colour, texture, character, shapes, translucency, etc that make their smiles individual.

Whilst we try to accommodate and adapt their aspirations and their goals for their new smile, we are also here to advise if there is something they want but if we feel we could improve on or that it would not suit, we would certainly say so, but at the end of the day, the choice is totally our clients and what they are happy with. We are here to help YOU achieve your goals, not our own.

If you have no idea what you want except straight white teeth, then we can help guide you and design the perfect smile for you too.

3. Mock ups

We will then create your dream smile on a model of your own teeth so you can see the result before you commit to any treatment. If you like the mock ups, then we can proceed, if you don’t we can amend them and make any changes until you are happy, otherwise you do not need to go ahead with it.

4. Trial Smile

Once you are happy with the mock ups and want to proceed then we start with the first treatment visit where we will do the necessary treatment, then place the mock ups in your mouth to have a trial run to see if it really does look good in your face. At this point you can still make any changes and fine tune the temporary teeth so that we can make the finals ones perfect. The trial smiles look so good that no one would ever know that they are not your real teeth. You can wear them out and to weddings even, and no one would ever know. This way, all the critics (our friends and family )can give all their input and opinions as you wish. Changes can still be made at this point to ensure the final result is perfect and you know what you are getting.

The final smile will then be completed modeling the trial smile and any changes that need to be made.  This ensures an ideal  result for our clients every time.

5. Final Smile

Your porcelain veneers will be finalised after analysis of your trial smile with any changes that you want made. The porcelain veneers will be made with all the individual characterisation that you may want to incorporate to make them unique and individual to you. These will be bonded at your next appointment.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trial Smiles or Smile Design call VOGUE SMILES MELBOURNE to book for your FREE mini cosmetic consult.

How does a Trial Smile Work?

Smile Design Melbourne | Trial Smile Makeover Design

A Trial Smile is an opportunity to literally try on a new smile before you buy it. Typically, patients do not see the final results of a smile makeover until after completion, but this innovative smile preview can be used to allow patients to see the potential results before treatment actually begins. Patients who are going to invest time and money into cosmetic dentistry procedures to correct and conceal smile imperfections will definitely benefit from a Trial Smile approach.

Patients interested in making a change to their smile with porcelain veneers will first visit us for a cosmetic consultation. During this visit, we will take photos of their smile as well as impressions of their teeth. In about ten days, a patient can return to try on a mock-up of their proposed new smile. The trial smile will be over-layed on their teeth for a preview. We’ll take photos, which patients can share with family and friends before making a final decision. The largest benefit is that patients have the opportunity to make changes to the size, shape, color, and proportions of their new smile before the final planned procedures begin.

Smile Design Melbourne | Trial Smile Makeover Design

Why Should I Choose a Trial Smile?

Trial Smile allows a patient and a dentist to preview the future result without ever altering the existing teeth. Once the desired look is achieved, a patient has an option to move forward with the porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are thin sheaths of dental grade ceramics that fit over the fronts of patients’ teeth, concealing and correcting smile irregularities. This procedure is minimally invasive, but because a small amount of tooth enamel needs to be removed to prepare the teeth before placement, the procedure is not reversible.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trial Smiles or Smile Design call VOGUE SMILES MELBOURNE to book for your FREE mini cosmetic consult.

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